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How Product Engineering Services Work?

Efficient product engineering and development is a remarkable way in which businesses gain a competitive edge over others. In a robust and fast-paced market, it is crucial for businesses to maximize productivity and customer satisfaction, in order to survive the competition. This is where product engineering services come into play. PES plays a critical role in this, as it transforms the product in a manner that helps it stand out. 

Product engineering can be understood as the process of designing and developing a device or system, which can then be produced as an item/product for sale or data collection. And businesses that offer their IT, software and hardware solutions for designing and developing such products are product engineering services.

Let us understand how these product engineering services work.

1. Identifying the pedigree

The foremost step is to understand where you stand in your ability to cater to the needs of your clients in a particular technology space. To take great strides toward success means one has to ensure that the existing resources have the underlying skills, domain knowledge and the technical depth for the deliverance of user expectations. Therefore, pedigree is important. Once you’re clear about the business pedigree, you must then do a gap analysis, in order to quantify and allocate the resources, time and costs for future pursuits. 

2. Prototyping and ideation

Step 2 is to validate the concept of your product and convince the stakeholders. It is clear by now that the development of a product requires cutting-edge technology, disciplined execution and a shared responsibility towards the final goal. Further, ideation is defining the scope of the problem clearly at the user end to complete a prototype of the concept. Herein, questions such as the features and functionalities to include and eliminate are discussed. 

3. Finding the engagement model with the vendor

The vendor must be able to offer a wide range of engagement models to suit the needs of the user. Choosing the engagement model accurately is crucial as it will accelerate the launch cycle and contribute enormously to the user value in the long-term. Apart from this, the role of accelerators and incubators is remarkable as small companies interested in creating a product require product accelerators and hardware to help them succeed in a business.


Product engineering services are extremely significant for an enterprise wanting to survive the tough market competition. This is where Orthogone can offer viable consulting services in R&D, electronic product design and several other prominent fields.