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A review of the Canon EOS R3

The Canon EOS R3 is Canon’s latest high-end and probably the best mirrorless camera India hasto offer. This full frame 24MP camera has been built around the RF (R Focus) lens mount and is believed to be Canon’s prized camera specifically designed for wildlife, sports and photojournalism.

Canon EOS R3is the most advanced mirrorless camera yet that is primarily engineered for mission critical performances of the highest level – professional sports, fashion photography and wildlife. This feature set is beyond incredible and a dream come true for photographers across categories. 

The Canon EOS R3 is undoubtedly the best mirrorless camera India has ever seen and brags ofan entirely new auto focus system with eye control AF, 30 frames per second burst capture modes, two new RF lenses and 6K raw video capture, to name a few features. 

The Canon EOS R3 is manufactured around a Stacked CMOS sensor, that enables a fast readout for responsive autofocus, rapid shooting, and low rolling-shutter video. The line of ground-breaking features includes the comeback of Canon’s Eye Control autofocus system, which was last experienced in the SLRs of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

While we are well versed with the features and specifications of the R3, what really makes this stand out when compared with every other camera ever launched is: 

1.) Mind-controlled autofocus that detects your thoughts and moves along with your eyeball to gauge where you are looking. One cannot describe how great it is to have a camera detect and figure out where to focus, all by itself, despite the complexity and position of the subject.  This intuitive feature overcomes lighting and subtlety and goes straight for the kill. 

2.) The sensors that read the thumbprints in the AF-ON buttons enable us toscroll around the enlarged images just by sliding a finger. It is as good as having a computer mouse on your camera which was long time required. For those who shoot daily this is God sent. 

The finger print sensors and intuitive auto focus are life changers that have never been a part on any prior mirrorless camera. For those who feature sports and news the voice recorder is a perfect feature to add voice notes while shooting. 

When it comes to price and capabilities, the EOS R3 beats the R5 hands down, and stands out due to its fast and more usable electronic shutter.  The Canon EOS R3 is a first of its kind camera that brings together the best of both worlds – the professionalism of the 1-series and the high-performance of the 5-series. Its exceptional speed, durability and high reliability equipsit to meet professional wantsand producesexemplary results when clicking fast-moving subjects.

Once you get your hands on the Canon EOS R3, you will never settle for any other mirrorless camera again.