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Matt Davies Stockton Looks at Online Electronic Systems Technology Learning Programs


According to Matt Davies Stockton, the electronic systems technology program is a great course in the modern era since we live in the age of electronics. The electronic systems technology program provides a great career opportunity where your job-related daily activities may involve upgrading, troubleshooting, testing, assembling, repairing, installing, and maintaining associated electronic equipment and systems. 

The Details

Now, there are a lot of accredited universities that offer electronic systems technology courses online and if you are wondering whether that would be a good choice for you, don’t worry. Let’s look at what online electronic systems technology learning programs involve:

  1. Program objectives – Students of the electronic systems technology course are expected to develop their analytical and technical skills to the required level that will allow them to work in professional positions that involve electronic, electrical, and related industries.

The programs are designed in a manner to ensure students develop the capability to apply relative mathematical, science, and engineering methods to solve technical problems. Plus, students also learn the ability to analyze and implement complex systems that involve both hardware and software.

The objective of the program is to ensure students develop the main areas of knowledge that involve computers and electronics, engineering and technology, telecommunications, mathematics, oral and written communication skills, ethical and professional responsibilities, and design.

  1. Program outcomes – Upon completing the electronic systems technology course, students are expected to design systems, processes, and components that meet the specific needs for broadly defined engineering problems. 

They are also expected to develop the technical knowledge and skill to use modern tools of science, mathematics, engineering, and technology to help in testing, inspection, adjusting, and evaluating electronic and electromechanical components. 

Plus, they are expected to be able to work with electric circuits, semiconductor devices, and digital systems, and analyze typical circuits used in communication systems. Graduates are also expected to configure and design communication, computer, and control systems.

  1. Possible career track – Graduates in electrical systems technology can pursue entry-level positions such as Electrical/Computer Engineering Technologist, Electrical/Computer Engineering Technologist, Industrial Engineering Technologist, Project Manager, and more.

The job involves working with a variety of electronic and electrical equipment including those used in telecommunications, industry, and transportation. Graduates are expected to be able to use both hands-on tools and computer software for troubleshooting, installing, and maintaining equipment and electronic systems.

  1. Salary information – The annual salary of electronic systems technicians varies considerably depending on their specialization, location, and experience. On average you can expect to earn between $40,000 to $99,000. 

You can expect to earn more when working for the federal government or local government compared to when working for the state government or private sector.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests you opt for the electronic systems technology course if you love working with electrical equipment and systems. Once you become a certified electrical technician, you can choose to specialize in debugging or reworking products or follow a more straightforward career path that focuses on more earning potential.