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Improving Your Code Area By Addressing Security Measures From SAST

You have probably heard about sast from Checkmarx. It is considered to be a flexible, enterprise-grade, and accurate static code analysis solution. It helps in identifying the security vulnerabilities in the customized code. 

It allows the DevOps, development, and security teams for scanning source code earlier in the current SDLC. It is also used for identifying vulnerabilities, which can create significant issues in the organization’s workflow. With SAST, you can keep a close watch on those points. Furthermore, the same solution will provide actionable insights to remediate them a lot sooner.

The benefit of using SAST:

The static application security testing tools like the Source Code Analysis can help in detecting higher-risk software vulnerabilities like SQL injection, which can affect the system throughout the life of the said software. 

  • Then some other tools like Buffer Overflows can be used for disabling the system and covering some of the cross-site issues like cross-site request forgery and cross-site scripting.
  • SAST tools will further help in detecting all of the open web application security project security risks.

Easy usage in the software development cycle:

Some interesting points have stated that SAST systems can be applied earlier in the software development cycle as it looks at the code before it gets compiled and warns of the weak spots. 

  • It can be 100 times more expensive to fix any code once the application has been proficiently compiled.
  • By detecting security code at its early stage, higher-risk issues can be resolved without the need to break the application built.
  • The security testing can further be run throughout the software development lifecycle. It helps in minimizing the risk of allowing the vulnerabilities to get through a released app and preventing hackers from entering your application!

The value of IAST security help:

Now, you get a chance to optimize your runtime testing with the help of iast security testing. This solution is perfect for DevOps and QA automation or the CI or CD pipelines. The IAST value from Checkmarx can fit well into the QA or Test phase and will automate analysis through current functional testing processes over here. Check out the demo and learn more about not just IAST but SAST as well!