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Is HTML5 Better than HTML?

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is one of the primary and most used languages across the globe to develop web pages. HTML 5 is a revamped version of HTML with of course certain special and added features.

The new functionalities of HTML 5 were created keeping in mind the loopholes or shortcomings of HTML. For example, one of the crucial differences between both is that – in HTML there is no audio or video support for the language whereas in HTML there is a video and audio support.

In case, you do not know what a markup language is, here is a short insight – it is a standard text encoding system used to create web pages. Markup languages are mostly based on using symbols.

HTML 5 vs HTML – A Close Comparison

HTML – It is a text-based markup language as the name suggests. It uses a traditional text structure and tag to define the programs. The hypertexts in HTML will redirect you to a new page when you click on it. This exact function is called Hypertext.

HTML 5 on the other hand is an advanced version of HTML containing all the pre-existing features of HTML along with many other added features and tags like video, audio, and canvas. There are many improved new features, better graphics being the most predominant.

Let us have a close comparison between both the languages:

Parameter HTML HTML 5
Compatibility With Browser Runs mostly on traditional old browsers such as Google, Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox It Is good to go with the new browsers like Google Chrome
Memory Storage It uses Cookies for memory storage HTML 5 uses databases connected with webpages for memory data storage.
Multimedia Support No built-in features for multimedia. Plug-ins like Adobe Flash support are used for reading the audio and video data In-built tags for the audio and video data
Java script compatibility The program cannot be directly run with Java Script Java Script can be used to run the HTML browser directly. Web Worker APIs can also be used.
Syntax Complication Too long and complex character encoding. The syntaxes are used for doc-type declarations Short, simple, and easy-to-use syntaxes. Syntaxes for character encoding are short and hassle-free.

Final Words

In a nutshell, HTML 5 is easier and better to use than HTML. This is because of the advanced features, user-friendly interface, and greater compatibility of HTML5 than HTML.