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Mainstream (2020) thought after watching the film

“Mainstream” is a comedy directed by Gia Coppola and starred by Maya Hawke , Nat Wolff , Andrew Garfield , Johnny Knoxville , Jason Schwartzman , Alexa Demie and others. “Mainstream” tells a love triangle and a warning story – how to protect your identity in the rapidly changing Internet age. If you are interested, you can ดูกระแสหลัก (2020) กระแสหลักออนไลน์ฟรี.

Introduction to Mainstream’s Plot

Frankie is a young film producer living in West Hollywood. In order to pursue her artistic dream, she dropped out of school and is now doing a thankless bartending job with her friend Jack. In addition to creating a struggling YouTube channel, she has no clear vision for her goal. One day, she met link, an eccentric young man dressed as a mascot in the mall.

When Frankie claimed that he was shooting a painting behind link, not link himself, link grabbed the painting and performed a rambling but passionate monologue, urging passers-by to pay attention to the painting. Frankie recorded the monologue and uploaded it to her most popular video. Frankie met link again by chance and became friends with him. This often manic connection claims that his parents have died, and he is firmly opposed to the establishment and anti social media. If you want to watch the full video for free, you can visit 4khotvideo.

Mainstream (2020) Film Review

This film is like a hybrid variant of black mirror S01E02 and unlucky sex madness porn. At first, it talked about capital mutagenesis of rebels. Later, it said that this era always needs someone to fuck, that is, to complete the action of “anti mainstream”, regardless of whether this person is more morbid than this era.

However, in the process of turning the front, the swing range is too large, and satirizes the mainstream and anti mainstream behavior, which makes it extremely unstable, which can also be said to be incomprehensible, just like the emotional triangle in this film. This film just satirizes the irrationality that everyone can see in this era, without any further reflection. In fact, it doesn’t even tell us what the mainstream is and why we shouldn’t cater to it. Even if the mainstream is unreasonable, is it good to oppose the mainstream……