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Why should you use paid search marketing?
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Why should you use paid search marketing?

Paid search marketing is the concept of paying for a relevant click to drive traffic to your website. Your business ads pop up on a search engine’s results page, and people who have searched for keywords related to your business have higher chances of clicking them and going to your website. 

This concept focuses on the engagement with the ads, rather than just showcasing them. Technically you are paying for the impact the ad is making. This means you only get charged when someone actually clicks on the ad and lands up on your web page. The idea is to get qualified leads with more chances of conversion, giving you an advantage over your competitors. 

PPC takes place on multiple forums such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc whereas, paid search advertising involves paying for advertisements on search engines such as Google. This is advantageous in many ways:

It is faster as compared to SEO 

Paid search marketing leads to faster results whereas efforts directed towards organic SEO take time for results to appear. Even if your website content is optimized with the relevant keywords, SEO ranking cannot be achieved overnight. PPC on the other hand ensures immediate traffic. It is the perfect strategy to incorporate alongside your SEO efforts

Paid search marketing generates higher number of qualified leads

For small businesses especially, this ensures relevance and good number of leads to the website. Since you are targeting those consumers who are more likely to use your services or buy from you, the leads are considered qualified.  

Paid search marketing is measurable

Another advantage of paid search marketing is the measurable results it provides. Each aspect of the pay-per-click ad campaign being run by you can be evaluated on the basis of: 

  • the number of clicks,
  • the price per click
  • actual purchases from these clicks

Based on these findings you can tweak your ad budget and improvise your efforts, to ensure high performing campaigns.

Paid search marketing enhances brand recognition.

PPC ads on search engines enable top of the mind recall amongst customers, thereby, improving brand awareness. Even if users do not end up clicking on your ad, they will be made aware each time of your existence. This is good exposure for the brand and could lead to a sale at a later date. 

Paid search marketing is preferred for local search

Paid search marketing is ideal if your audience is local and you are trying to bring in local traffic. These days consumers use mobile devices to search for services around them. This is the perfect opportunity for your PPC ad to appear. For businesses whose target market is customers in close proximity to their store location, paid search advertising can do wonders. The directions and option to call, stimulates this benefit. 

Paid search marketing is budget friendly

This is one of the best ways to generate leads within a limited budget. You may think that how that is possible since you do not have a control on the number of clicks, but the whole idea about this form of marketing is that you can set budget caps. 

Secondly the ROI is higher as you are able to target a specific audience and you can measure the effectiveness of the campaign and rectify it or boost it based on the performance. The search engine does not spend more than the budget set by you. 

Paid search marketing does require time and effort; running the campaigns and assessing them using the right expertise is crucial. This is why digital agencies such as RepIndia should be brought on board to take care of your digital marketing requirements while you focus on your core business.